The Arizona Plant Diagnostic Network (AZPDN) is a cooperative effort between UA Cooperative Extension and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the Arizona State Department of Agriculture - Plant Services Division, and USDA - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services. The AZPDN efforts are coordinated through the Western Plant Diagnostic Network (WPDN), a regional member of the National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN). Each region maintains their own regional website that may contain regionally specific information. The AZPDN reports diagnostics information and coordinates activities specific to Arizona.

The Western Plant Diagnostic Network (WPDN) is a regional member of the larger National Plant Diagnostic Network consisting of five regional plant diagnostic centers. Arizona is a member of the Western Regional Center, with responsibility for diagnostics of plant diseases and the identification of pathogens, insects, and weeds in Arizona.

The NPDN is a consortium of land grant institutions and state departments of agriculture throughout the United States and U.S. territories that provides services for plant disease diagnosis, plant identification, and insect/pest identification. NPDN uses a common software interface to process diagnostic requests and share information among diagnostic laboratories. Each regional center coordinates data gathering, diagnostic collaboration, and other activities of member land grant institutions, national agencies and state departments of agriculture.

This website was created to inform the Arizona public of the AZPDN and to facilitate AZPDN committee functions, activities, and organization. In addition, this site serves the Arizona public to facilitate plant health diagnostics and submission of plant samples for pathogen identification. To submit a sample, use the header navigation bar to locate a laboratory by type of pathogen, expert laboratory, general diagnostician, or location of nearest laboratory.